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ProcessMaster II
Do you ever have problems maintaining consistent temperatures when processing your film or paper? The new ProcessMaster II Compensating Process Timer is the answer! The ProcessMaster II is a fully programmable Process Timer with several unique features. In addition to its eight programmable sequences of nine time steps the ProcessMaster II has a built-in thermometer probe to monitor chemical temperatures during processing and automatically adjust the processing time if the temperature changes. The probe can be placed directly in the developing tank or tray (as shown right, using a Paterson developing tank), or in a water bath, and will monitor the temperature during the process. Should the temperature fall the process time will be increased to compensate. Similarly, if the temperature rises the time will be decreased appropriately. The ProcessMaster also has a "factorial development" mode for improving consistency when processing black and white prints in trays. This is based on the “Watkins Factor” method in which the time taken for the image to first appear on the paper is multiplied by a factor (the “Watkins Factor”) to determine the total development time. As the developer gradually exhausts during a printing session, optimum developing time increases; this method of timing effectively compensates for that exhaustion and maintains consistency. When the image first starts to appear on the paper, simply press the Start key or the footswitch and the ProcessMaster II instantly calculates the new development time. The factor can be set between 2 and 8; 6 is usually recommended. So for example if the image starts to appear after 20 seconds and the factor is set to 6, the total development time is 20 plus 6x20 or 140 seconds. Adjustments to development time for Zone System purposes or contrast control are often expressed as a percentage of the normal time - for example “for low contrast subjects increase development time by 10%”. The ProcessMaster makes this easy - at the press of a key the remaining time display changes to show the percentage of the total so far elapsed. If you need to reduce development by 10% say, simply stop the timer when the display reaches “-10%”. An optional “run-on” mode allows the timer to continue to run after the programmed time has elapsed and the display will count up (to a maximum of 100% or double the programmed time) so you can easily add a percentage to the normal time. The display can be switched between percentage and real time whenever the timer is running. We think all darkroom timers should have a footswitch for hands-free operation, and the ProcessMaster II is no exception! The timer has a pause and resume feature, and timing can be set to pause between steps or to run the whole programme without pausing but with audible prompts at the completion of each step. A big LED display and illuminated keypad mean that unlike most LCD timers, you can use the ProcessMaster in complete darkness. If you want to use inversion agitation with a hand developing tank, a waterproof cable gland is available as an accessory. Fitting this to the tank lid as shown in the illustration on the right allows the sensor cable to be threaded through the lid and provides a leak-proof seal.
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