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TAS film processor

Видео о проявочной машине TAS film processor.

Nevertheless, consistent results based on a tested combination of film types, exposure and development are of prime importance.

Our automatic 35mm and 120mm roll film tank agitation system will satisfy the most discerning of darkroom devotees, in particular ‘Zone System’ specialists. Moreover, it will accept exixting development tanks.

Simple operation
•    Input development parameters once.
•    Load tank with film(s)  (standard procedure in  total darkness!)
•    Fill tank and tap on table to release bubbles.
•    Attach tank to holder and fasten clamp.
•    Press start button
•    TAS starts with a continuous agitation, followed by intervals of pauses and agitation
•    The end of the process is signalled by  a continuous beep.

Advantages of using TAS

  • reproducible results
  • ends monotonous manual work still using down and radial agitation
  • small size – fits in every darkroom
  • transportable – could also be used in campers and cars (12V/24V supply)
  • ideally suited for Zone System and for two bath processes
  • accepts existing tanks from JOBO, Paterson, Kindermann or CombiPlan for formats from 35mm to 4x5 inch
  • ideal  for photography clubs with exchangeable modules for every user
  • easy handling, accepts variable parameters
  • compensates total development time depending on programmed temperature


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